Friday, December 5, 2014

2014 Year End Blog Giveaway!

Assalamualaikum semua. Doa2 akhir tahun ni kite berjaya dapat giveaway dr Aminnnn...

Kawan2 diluar sane pun blh join jgk contest ni...Just follow ape yg dikehendaki sahaja...

The time has finally come for me to do the last giveaway for this year. This time around, I have gathered more craft items to giveaway and it's more exciting too! I have here a complete set for quilling beginners, some colourful ribbons, colourful popsicle sticks, fancy stickers, templates, rubber stamps, craft punch, and two hand-bound books!! All this for one lucky winner!!

As usual, I don't make it difficult for anyone to enter my giveaway.....the rules are very very simple! Just follow the instructions below:

1. Everyone is eligible to enter this giveaway. I accept both local and international entries. But each person can only enter their name once.

2. You must promote this giveaway post at your site, either at blog or at your Facebook profile. Please make sure that you paste the photo and the link of this giveaway post at your site so that others can click and view the giveaway post here.

3. Copy the link of where you promoted this giveaway post and paste it at Mr Linky below so that I can check and view where you promoted my giveaway. Do write your real name at Mr Linky too.

4. Please click "LIKE" at my Facebook Page at the link HERE and do FOLLOW my blog too if you are a blogger. 

So that's it! This giveaway starts today and ends at 12.00am on 15th of January 2015.The name of the winner will be announced a few days after that. Good luck everyone! And thank you so much for participating!!

p/s may my dream to win this contest become reality, aminnn....